Friday, October 9, 2009

Signs of Summer Slumber

Signs of summer are coming to an end -

Colors of Autumn can be found brilliantly splashed through the trees....... as the shimmering leaves turn from their beautiful green to red, yellow, copper and brown.

For me, the beauty of fall is mixed with a sort of melancholy sadness. Though the skies turn to a beautiful clear blue with a biting crispness that can be invigorating.....

My heart feels sad as I see the remaining leaves clinging hopelessly before the final chill encircles them causing them to fall and join the many others that have floated to the ground before them.

Such a mixed emotion that goes along with the change of season.

The beauty still's everywhere I look.

But it can feel empty.

Birds fly and dive in the wind. They seem to be having fun. Are they aware of the new season that is upon them?

The gray squirrels are scurrying from tree to tree collecting pine cones to store for the winter.
The Stellar Jay as well as the tiny chipmunk scavenge
for food that proves to be much more scarce now that
the summer residents have all left.
These two happened to come into some luck because of
the peanuts that were put out especially for them.
As if on cue, wild turkey's wander through as
they scratch and peck for seeds and bugs.
The temperature states 27 degrees. Could THIS be a sign of summers end? I think so. So I say goodbye to summer knowing that she is not gone. . . . . she will just be slumbering for a season.


Kellie said...

That was beautiful, Shelley! So descriptive and poetic! The pictures were GORGEOUS and at first I thought they were taken in AH and I was SO surprised! But then I see you were in Utah. What a beautiful place.

Natalie said...

It's so beautiful! That's my favorite time of the season that I really miss!